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Beer Alerts

Get Notified

Setup your own custom beer alerts so you don't miss out when you favorite beer is tapped.

Stay up to date

Stay up to date

See all beers tapped by the bars that you follow and always know what's on tap.

Beer Alerts

Opt-in to push notifications and create your own custom beer alerts. Create your own custom alerts for your favorite breweries and beers to know instantly when they are tapped.

Configure the alert to only notify you when tapped at a bar you follow or when tapped in a specific city.

Adding beer alert screenshot
Beer alert notification screenshot
Example beer alert push notification.

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Brew Notice only monitors craft beer bars and breweries that have quality tap lists and keep them up to date. Explore by city or browse a map with all locations. Choose which locations you want to follow and receive tap list updates on the home page or in your beer digest.